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After a long day out in the sun, nothing sounds better than a long shower. So, when you finally get the opportunity to hop in the shower and the water pressure is just not up to par, the frustration immediately sets in. However, all is not lost. There are several measures any homeowner can take in order to increase their home’s water pressure for the long haul.

Causes of Low Water Pressure

While some of these efforts are simple fixes, others may take a certain level of expertise. Make an educated decision early on as to whether you should call or at least consult a plumbing professional. Regardless, we have listed some of the major causes of weakened water pressure below (as well as some of the simple fixes).

Water Valves

Often times, the cause of limited water pressure is due to one of the two major water valves not being fully opened. Be sure to check that both of the following valves are fully opened:

  • Water Meter Valve
  • Water Supply Valve

Both of these valves are important to the water supply and pressure for your entire house, though. It is important that if you do make any adjustment that you do not overcorrect because improper changes can cause damage to your entire plumbing system. If you are concerned, give a plumber a call and they can certainly make these changes for you.

Water Leaks

If you are experiencing water pressure in specific areas or a specific faucet, check for leaks near that particular fixture. If there isn’t a significant change to your entire house’s pressure, small leaks are a typical cause of water pressure restrictions for specific outlets.

Old or Broken Pipes

A major cause of weakened water pressure for your entire plumbing system is old pipes. Galvanized steel pipes become corroded over long periods of time which causes water to flow through them slower. This kind of problem occurs over at least a decade of time and requires the replacement of pipes. In these cases, be sure to contract professional services for this kind of work to ensure that the system is properly installed and adjusted.


Sometimes your plumbing system is just battling its environment. Some of these elements are just impossible to avoid but they are solutions.

For example, if you live in an elevated community, your water has to fight gravity and travel up to your home, which reduces the water’s pressure as it makes its way to you. Looking into a booster will allow the water to be re-pressurized once it reaches your home or property’s plumbing system.

Additionally, the water entering your plumbing system should be functional for use. However, this water can still damage your pipes over time. This is where water softeners can also be installed to aid in protecting the investment you make in your plumbing system. Softeners will add a secondary measure to help extend the life of your plumbing.

Homeowners may also look into resources and support regarding water pressure problems for their entire home with their regional provider; in the Treasure Valley, the water provider is United Water by Suez Water Idaho.

Professional Plumber Support

Ultimately, there are many resources available to home and property owners to keep their water pressure at peak performance. Fortunately, there are simple fixes to many problems. For those not comfortable investigating and working on plumbing systems themselves, professional support comes in handy because we already possess the expertise for all things plumbing.

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