Residential & Commercial Pipe Repair Services


Plumbers With the Knowledge & Experience to Handle Any Plumbing Problem You May Have

How often do you read your water meter? Have you noticed a sudden, unexplained increase in your water bill? Is there standing water on your property during dry weather? These could all be an indication that you have a broken pipe, either between your house and the meter, or worse, somewhere inside your home.

Knight Plumbing offers complete broken and leaking pipe repair and replacement services. Our plumbers have extensive experience with broken pipe issues and specialize in servicing all of them.

Broken or leaking pipes can result in both extensive and expensive property damage and flooding. Knight Plumbing is your Treasure Valley plumber for quality pipe repair services, at any time day or night. Our plumbers are on call and available 24/7 to help you with any broken or leaking plumbing issue you may be facing.

Common Signs of a Broken / Leaking Pipe

  • Puddles in Your Home
  • Unexplained High Water Bills
  • Unpleasant Odor
  • Mold Problem
  • Indentation In Lawn or Under Pavers
  • Foundation Cracks, Settlement, and Sinkholes

Leak Detection

Knight Plumbing has extensive experience and the tools necessary to locate water leaks. Slab leaks & underground leaks can be difficult to detect since they effect pipes that are situated below the concrete and outside the foundation. If this is not addressed, these kinds of leaks can get worse and the water can spread causing flooding and property damage.

It is not uncommon to see underground leaks in the Treasure Valley due to our soil conditions and weather. With a sub-slab pipe leak, there are many conditions to consider when deciding on repair options. Our trained plumbers use leak detection equipment to quickly identify the location of the leak.

After leak detection has been performed, we can assess the problem and inform you of the best option for repair, before beginning the job. If you think you may have a broken pipe leak, call us anytime 24/7. We’re here to help!

Broken Pipe Repair & Replacement

We pride ourselves on our skilled, experienced, and licensed plumbers having whatever they need to complete any broken pipe repair job on hand. We have many different gauge or type of pipe available to our technicians, usually in-stock and on-truck, to ensure that we have what we need to handle the job as quickly as possible. Call Knight Plumbing, and get it fixed fast.

Frozen Pipes

Of course the best way to handle frozen pipes is to avoid them altogether. However, if you experience frozen pipes, we can help. Call us before the ice causes them to break, which can cause expensive and extensive damage to your home. We’ll safely thaw your pipes and get your water flowing freely again.

If frozen pipes have already caused your pipes to break, we can help with that too! We have extensive experience in repairing frozen and broken plumbing lines.

Why Choose Knight Plumbing?

At Knight Plumbing we offer licensed, insured, highly trained and experienced plumbers to help with all your plumbing needs. We also offer 24/7 emergency service and guarantee all of our parts and labor.

Whatever your plumbing problem, Knight Plumbing company has the tools and experience to help. Our highly trained plumbers are not only knowledgeable, but equipped with the latest tools needed to solve your plumbing problem quickly and efficiently while saving you money.