Fall is about spending time with your family and sharing special moments with loved ones. This means the season for dinner parties, holiday functions, friendly get-togethers, and spontaneous group gatherings will be upon us soon. However, the aftermath of these joyous socials should not ruin our sinks and garbage disposals.

Fall Feeding Frenzy

Most of us enjoy putting on a nice dinner party for our close friends and family but sometimes, we forget about the work involved in executing these events. Of course, there are things like getting a headcount of attendees, preparing the food, preheating the oven, and even tidying up the kitchen, dinner table, and lounging areas. However, we also need to keep in mind that not everything will get eaten. So, there will be some post-event cleanup as well. This means packaging up the leftovers, throwing out the scraps, and clearing through the used dishes. But remember, you can’t just throw anything down that sink of yours.

Proposal On Behalf of Your Disposal

With the richness of foods that we often eat in the cooler months, there are a few precautions and reminders we need to be aware of in order to keep our sinks and plumbing systems in order.

    1. Don’t Throw Grease down the Drain

Always remember to strain your grease and excess cooking oils into an external container. This kind of food byproduct can be very harmful to not only your home but they cause about half of sewer backups in most communities.

    1. Run Cold Water

If there is any remaining grease or fat that does make its way down the drain, make sure you can run cold water as you rinse dishes. This will let these trace amounts clearly through the pipes instead of allowing it to cool later on while it’s still in your pipes, causing a blockage or clog in your drain.

    1. Break up Big Chunks

Many of us use our disposal as a last resort for the items we don’t want to deal with but it is not a “fix all” for our food waste. Disposals are carefully crafted for small items, so always break up any big scraps to keep it running at peak performance. Or better yet, just throw those big scraps away in the trash.

Save Your Sewers

Maybe you have been practicing these habits for years now. Maybe this is all new information. Regardless, working these into your cooking routine for this fall and the foreseeable future can save you and your neighborhood from some huge problems down the line… or should we say down the sewer line.

However, if you do ever encounter some issues in your home, have an emergency plumber in your contact list. The sooner you can address problems, the quicker and less expensive the process will be.

Let’s Keep Fall Fun

All of that being said, we hope your fall shindigs and get-togethers go off without a hitch this fall season. Enjoy the time with friends and family as you chow down on some unforgettable meals… Just try to keep those meals out of your sink! If problems arise, especially in the holiday season, call your local Boise plumbing company, Knight Plumbing, and we will handle your issues right away!

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