Whether it be a leaky faucet, high water bill, or even just deteriorating grout along the sink edges, you probably know that something with your plumbing needs to be fixed. While you may think you have figured out and diagnosed a problem, it’s always a good idea to call a professional to come have a look. The professional plumber will not only be able to address the problems you noticed, but will also be able to diagnose issues you may not have even known were there.

Signs There Is A Bigger Issue

One of the top worries of every homeowner is water damage. Unfortunately for many, water damage can often go undetected and it is frequently due to broken or leaky pipes underground. These types of problems can easily cause thousands of dollars in damages and require hours of pipe repair services, but there are ways to detect them before they become too severe.

Some signs that you need to hire a professional plumbing service to help with your problem are:

Increased Water Bills

If you do not pay close attention to your monthly water bill, you should. Your bill may not have increased a large amount, but if it has increased while your water usage has not, that is a sign of a leaky pipe. Like with many other problems we face in our lives, if we choose to ignore it, it will only get worse.

Weak Toilet Flush

With any appliance that has water flowing through it, there is the likelihood that there will either be an issue with rust, calcium, or sediment buildup. This sediment build up can clog the drainage and jet holes, in turn causing a sluggish or partial flush.

Extra Green Patches of Grass on Your Lawn

This is an issue that many would fail to consider as being an issue with a leaking pipe. A quick Google search may attribute extra green patches of grass to fairy rings, a completely unrelated issue to leaky pipes. However, old or broken underground pipes will also cause some areas of your lawn to become noticeably greener due to water leaking.

Mold Build Up

Mold is easily one of the most obvious signs of an issue with your plumbing system. While we all wish that getting rid of mold could be as easy as scrapping it away, mold remediation is a much more intricate process. Even if you may not see mold right away, be sure to pay attention to any funky smells around your plumbing appliances as that could be an indication of the presence of mold.

Gurgling Toilet, Sink, or Shower

You may have heard your toilet, sink, or shower gurgle on its own before and then correctly assumed that it was just built up air escaping from the pipes. While you are most likely right, this can be a result of a bigger problem. These sounds stem from a clogged pipe somewhere along the line that create a space of negative air pressure, therefore causing bubbles to rise up.

Hissing or Whining Pipes

Hissing or whining pipes come from an excess amount of pressure on the pipes. This is most common when there is high water pressure in a pipe that wasn’t meant to handle that kind of pressure. Not only will a higher pressure put more stress on the pipes, but when hot water is running through the pipes, there is an increased chance of warping and pipe expansion.

Do You Need A Professional?

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