hydrojettingVideo Sewer detection and locating equiptment can pin point the exact problem. We use camera and video sewer equipment to pinpoint the exact problem, including sewage blockage, root intrusion or collapsed and broken lines. We can save you money call for
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leakdetectionKnight Plumbing has extensive experience locating water leaks.

Slab leaks & underground leaks can be difficult to detect since they affect pipes that are situated below the concrete and outside the foundation. If its not addressed, these kinds of leaks can get worse and the water can spread.

Its common to see underground leaks due to our construction. With a sub-slab copper leak, there are many conditions to consider when deciding on repair options. Our trained plumbers use leak detection equipment to quickly identify the slab leak. After leak detection has been performed, we can assess the problem and the best option for repair before beginning the job. If you think there may be a slab leak, quickly call us for a free estimate.