Mold Remediation & Cleanup Services in Boise


What is Mold?

Mold is a general term used to describe any type of fungus that grows in multicellular strands. Fungi typically grow by spores, which are tiny particles that can travel in the air and lodge onto all different types of surfaces. They then feed on moisture and organic materials.

However, mold then releases more harmful spores that spreads quickly, damaging the surfaces underneath. Fortunately, there are many ways to prevent mold outbreaks and remove them when they do occur.

What is Mold Remediation?

Mold remediation is the overall treatment of mold, from its removal to preventative measures. If you’ve ever seen mold growing on a wall, you know that it is not a pretty image. Not only does it smell terrible, but it is also harmful to breathe. At Knight Plumbing we understand the essence of mold, where it comes from, and how to deal with it is in the
best way possible.

Mold Detection

Many houses have mold problems, but the people living there are not even aware of it. That is because mold can grow almost anywhere, including underneath carpets, door trims, and behind furniture.

So, a vital step to mold removal is knowing the signs for mold, including its characteristic musty smell, dark spots, and moist atmosphere. However, mold is nearly everywhere, and it may be difficult to determine how much is too much mold. At Knight Plumbing we have an experienced staff that can identify mold and offer the best mold remediation solution.

Mold Removal

In order to remove mold effectively, powerful mold removal sprays should be applied to the area and allowed to soak thoroughly, followed by comprehensive abrasion and cleaning. Since these chemicals are very irritating, full-body protective suits, as well as a gas mask, should be worn to prevent the harmful effects of breathing chemicals and mold spores. At Knight Plumbing we have a team of experts that can complete this job in a quick and professional manner.

Knight Plumbing Mold Remediation Services

With the nastiness and difficulty of removing mold, the best choice is to consult the professionals. Not only is cleaning up mold essential to taking care of mold problems, but it is also important to exercise preventative measures to ensure the mold does not simply come right back.

The mold specialists at Knight Plumbing have the expertise needed to not only detect, clean, and remove mold but also to analyze the conditions that promote mold growth to prevent it from coming back. Our professional plumbers offer both commercial and residential plumbing services, so head on over and get rid of mold forever!

Why Choose Knight Plumbing?

At Knight Plumbing we offer licensed, insured, highly trained and experienced plumbers to help with all your plumbing needs. We also offer 24 hour emergency service and guarantee all of our parts and labor.

Whatever Your plumbing problem, Knight Plumbing has the equipment and experience to help. Our highly trained plumbers are not only knowledgeable, but equipped with the latest tools needed to solve your plumbing problem quickly and efficiently while saving you money.