You may have heard of some secret plumbing hacks or ways to save money, but some of these can actually make your bill more expensive. Here is a list of six busted plumbing myths!

Placing a Brick in the Back of Your Toilet Bowl Will Save Money

This is not the case and will end up costing you more money. A brick in the back of your toilet bowl can easily break your flapper, causing you to have to flush twice. This will waste more water, costing you even more money. Bricks also crumble and deteriorate over time, leading to clogging and more plumbing problems. Leaving the brick out of your toilet will save you money and a call to the plumber.

Bleach-Containing Toilet Tablets Will Keep My Toilet Fresh

Heavy concentrations of bleach can be damaging to your toilet. It is okay to use toilet cleaners that contain bleach, but a toilet tablet that sits in the toilet for long periods of time can be damaging. It is recommended to keep bleach in a toilet for eight minutes or less. It is best to contact your plumber or research non-damaging products for your toilet.

Water Heaters are Broken or About to Explode if You Hear a Loud Gurgling or Rumbling Sound

This is most likely not the case. Sediment from hard water being moved around inside your water heater can create loud noises. There is no need to be concerned because it is most often just air popping. It is recommended to have your plumber drain and flush your water heater on a regular basis. Contact your plumber for any questions about water heater maintenance, and if you are ever truly concerned by noises, you can contact your local emergency plumbing service.

A Slow Leaking Faucet is Not That Big of a Deal

A slow leaking faucet is a big deal! Anytime something is dripping, it is racking your water bill up significantly. In addition, the constant water is creating wear on your faucet or other plumbing fixtures. As soon as you notice a leaking faucet, call your professional plumber to get it fixed.

Using a Plunger to Unclog My Sink is Ok

This is not always the case, so it is best to use caution and avoid the plunger for your sink. This is especially the case if you have a double sink, because plunging one side may clog the other. It is best to use other methods of unclogging or call the plumber.

Liquid Drain Cleaners are Safe

Use caution and avoid most liquid drain cleaners. They often contain harsh chemicals that eat away at the pipes.
If you ever have any plumbing problems or questions, contact Knight Plumbing to ensure you are using the safest products in order to extend the lifespan of your plumbing system.

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