Whether you have the summer off work or just a little extra free time here and there, we have the perfect projects for you to take on. Plumbing projects are often pushed to the back burner, but that could lead to bigger problems in the future. Here are a few ways to maintain your home and tasks to take on in your free time.

Clean or Replace Your Shower Head

Never settle for poor water pressure! It’s always best to start by cleaning your shower head to see if that is the issue, but if that isn’t the problem, we have other solutions. Installing a new shower head does not have to be a hard job. It can increase your water pressure and have many other benefits as well. In addition, installing a new eco-friendly showerhead can decrease your water usage, resulting in lower water bills each month. If you have any questions about your new installation or need any assistance, contact Knight Plumbing today.

Check for Leaks

Checking for leaks is an extremely important task to perform as a homeowner (or even renter). An unnoticed leak can lead to many potential problems including mold, water damage, and high water bills. Examining your faucets, toilets, bath fixtures, and any other sources of water routinely can help you catch a leak. When detected quickly, leaks within the home can be an easy and simple fix. Whether it is a broken pipe or leaking faucet, your local plumber will be happy to help you in getting it fixed up.

A few easy ways to assess for leaks are to monitor your water usage and look for any discoloration on the walls near pipes or faucets. If you suspect a leak it may be best to have a plumber come check it out to ensure that there isn’t a bigger underlying problem.

Caulk Your Bathroom

Bathrooms and other moist places often become breeding grounds for bacteria and mold within your home. Unfortunately, these high-humidity areas are susceptible to these issues even if everything is in working order. First things first, ensure that there are no leaks causing unnecessary moisture, but from there, there are other steps you can take to prevent harmful mold. By caulking small spaces and cracks in your bathroom, around the bathtub, or shower specifically, you can block out moisture. This process can be done on your own or it can be left to the professionals. The most important thing is to make sure there isn’t a leak or something else causing that unnecessary moisture.

If you do detect any leaks, water damage, or any other concerns, contact Knight Plumbing, a 24/7 emergency service company, to get it taken care of!

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