We all like to bask in a little summer sun. However, tree shade can be an easy source of relief from the hot sun. When we plant those trees in our yards in the fall, we often overlook the auxiliary impact that they can have. The underground consequences of tree growth that can impact your home and its plumbing.

Old and New Implantations

Boise is the “City of Trees” so Boise plumbers have been working with roots and growth for some time now. Where some trees have minimal subsurface growth, others have extensive networks of roots to support them. Choosing the appropriate lawn and garden additions from the beginning can make a world of difference. For those of you looking to add to their landscaping, being able to identify the existing shrubbery and tree status can also help you avoid potential plumbing issues.

Biggest Tree Root Complications For Plumbing

Regardless of your situation, it can be difficult to predict what might happen. To counteract some of this uncertainty, we have listed a few common plumbing complications resulting from root interference.

1. Foundational Plumbing Piping

A major complication for many homes, especially in the Treasure Valley, is the strength of their foundational piping. Because of the older or historic nature of many Idaho homes, their plumbing is often based in clay piping. Roots pose a great threat to clay pipes because they are more susceptible to obstruction or damage that PVC pipes.

2. Property and Placement

Another plumbing issue often arises because of trees with deep or far-reaching roots. If garden planning was not made with respect to the property, roots might come into contact with important plumbing structures. As far as plumbing is concerned, there can be serious consequences. These can impact the entire property, not just your water or waste systems.

The most common among these property conflicts tend to be root interference with sewer lines and septic tanks. If roots slow, block, or damage either of these networks that exist beneath the ground, there can be overwhelming outcomes. These unpleasant, harmful results are usually paired with expensive solutions.

Knowing where the important infrastructural systems are on your property can save you time and money when you think potential problems are on the way. Whether you are in the position of a renter, homeowner or management company, seeking out preventative measures or checking sewer line services relieve you of the “what if” that comes with the unknown.

3. Planning

There are plenty of variables that can cause root growth and, as a result, plumbing complications. However, for each one of these problems, there are multiple solutions. And even if the problem comes up unexpectedly, there are 24/7 emergency services available to you. Organizing a plan of action should the unexpected happen can protect you from extended damages. Time is money, especially when the unforeseen become reality.

Sometimes new, unexpected growth can occur after a few years of nonaggressive root development. Sometimes time just takes its toll. Having a conscious investment in your home can help. Prevention can dramatically increase the need for expensive plumbing services in the future.

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