Summer is officially in full swing! It’s a wonderful time for family and friends to gather together, but the increase of wear and tear on your house can spell trouble for your plumbing. Enjoy the gorgeous weather, but make sure to keep an eye out for these 7 common summer plumbing problems.

Sprinkler Leaks

Everyone wants a lovely, green yard to enjoy during the summer, but the increased backyard traffic puts your sprinkler heads in great danger. One wrong step could crack the sprinkler head, and accidentally bumping an intruding head with your lawn mower can mean unnecessary damage. The injured heads could begin to leak, which may go unnoticed because sprinkler heads are designed to spray water. Even the smallest leak could result in an increase in water usage, so make sure to periodically check up on your sprinkler system throughout the summer, repairing any damage as you go. Save your sprinklers from damage to save yourself from an unexpectedly large utility bill.

Washing Machine Overload

Whether it’s beach towels and swimsuits, or just a new shirt after getting sweaty from lawn work, summer activities typically result in more clothing changes. This, of course, means your washing machine is going to be getting a bit more of a workout than it’s used to. Additional stress and overloading of your washing machine can lead to a leaky hose. Not only will a hose leak increase your water bill, but it can lead to flooding. Do your best to stay home while you run the machine, so if any problem arises you can call a professional if needed.

Shower Drain Blockage

Summers in Idaho call for plenty of hikes and visits to some of our beautiful lakes. After a long day making happy memories in the hot sun, there’s nothing better than being able to take a long shower. Unfortunately, sand, dust, and bits of debris are common stowaways after daily excursions, and they mean bad news for your shower drains. We recommend that you rinse off in your yard with the hose before you hop in the shower to try and get rid of as many unwelcoming particles as possible. Sand and debris can clog your drains and cause problems for your shower. If you experience your shower draining slowly, try and snake your drain instead of using a chemical clog remover that only delays the problem. Alternatively, call an experienced plumber.

Clogged Disposal

Grilling season is upon us! It’s time to enjoy fresh food and barbecue. However, all of these block parties and cookouts result in more organic waste going down your garbage disposal. Make sure you don’t set up your garbage disposal for a clog by keeping in mind what it can handle and what should be thrown away. Soft foods like produce and pasta can go down the drain, but rinds, corn cobs, fruit stones, and bones cannot. Keep your drains clear by running cold water for 10 seconds before and after you use the disposal.

Toilet Clogs

Since school’s out and the kids are home, your toilets are going to be used more often. The increase in flushes means that your flappers, chains, and handles will experience more wear and tear. It also puts you at an increased risk for clogs, so make sure to remind everyone in your household to use a reasonable amount of toilet paper. Most clogs will be fairly simple to clear with a plunger, but for any repairs make sure to consult a professional.

Outdoor Faucet Leaks

Plenty of summer activities like car washes and “slip and slides” require water, which your outdoor faucet is the perfect source for. While it’s quite easy to keep an eye on the faucet when you’re outdoors, heading inside means that the faucet will be out of sight, out of mind. If you didn’t close the faucet all the way, it can leak over 90 gallons of water per day. If you’d like to avoid an unnecessary increase on your water bill, make sure your faucet is closed all the way and sealed tightly to the wall with a good rubber washer.

Water Heater Buildup

It’s no surprise that we sweat more in the hot, Idaho sun. Sweating means more showers, and since we’re wanting to cool down there’s no need to run your hot water. Make sure you turn down your water heater during the summer to avoid build up of sediment deposits that could reduce the efficiency of your water heater. If you start hearing strange sounds coming from your water heater make sure to contact a professional plumber so they can clear your pipes and heating elements of sediment or built-up scale.
Make sure you’re staying on top of your home’s plumbing this summer! If you experience any of these plumbing problems don’t hesitate to contact Knight Plumbing for 24/7 service.

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