Let’s face it, no one wants to have to deal with plumbing problems in their house. Especially when dealing with sewage it’s smart to leave it for the professionals, which is why Knight Plumbing wants to inform you on what causes sewage backups so you know when to call us!

Aging Sewer Systems

When you move into a new house, it’s important to know how old your sewer system is. A study done by the American Society of Civil Engineers found that sewer lines in the United States are over thirty years old on average. Old sewer systems can result in flooded basements, unsanitary sewer backups, and more.


Another potential cause of a backed up sewer system is a clogged drain. Homeowners constantly put items down the drain that they shouldn’t, which is why it is good to know what can and can’t. Some of the most common items you shouldn’t put down the drain are:

  • Eggshells – easily stuck to the coating of the pipes, causing disposal problems
  • Grease and Oil – can easily harden once reaching room temperature, causing a massive drain blockage
  • Rice and Coffee Grounds – absorbs water and causes large clumps in your pipes

Cracked Sewer Lines

Being beneath the surface, it’s hard to tell what will happen to your pipes over time. Either due to age and deterioration or any form of external damage, a cracked sewer line can suck up items like rocks or dirt which causes a blockage. However, the main cause of a cracked sewer line is tree root infiltration.

Tree Roots

Unfortunately, trees have a tendency to grow towards the water and nutrients that seep through cracked sewer lines. From sewer line services to excavation, Knight Plumbing is here to ease the stress of dealing with your sewer problems!

City Sewer Problems

The last main cause of sewage backup leaves homeowners helpless. Just like your house, city sewer lines have problems and when they do, they affect you and your neighbors directly. As unfortunate as it is, there isn’t much you can do in this situation except for calling a plumbing service. Thankfully, Knight Plumbing has a 24-hour emergency plumbing service for unexpected times like these, which is why we are rated so highly by our customers.

Now that you understand some of the causes of sewage backup, it’s important to stay on top of keeping your house’s plumbing in order. If you ever have a problem with your plumbing services or sewage needs, don’t hesitate to contact Knight Plumbing!

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