Although the pipes of your home plumbing system are something that generally don’t have a lot of problems, sometimes there can be issues. One in particular that bugs homeowners is the problem of noisy pipes. But what causes them to be so noisy? Here we’ll dive into a few different reasons why your plumbing may be causing noise.

Water Hammer

One of the most common problems in plumbing that causes noise is water hammer. Water hammer is when your water is running quickly through the pipes and then slams up against the main water shutoff valve, causing a loud noise. This is most likely due to your air chamber deteriorating over time. There are products such as the water arrestor that has a spring to absorb the shock from the water flow. If the problem persists past this, calling your local professional plumber is the safest bet to make sure it gets fixed properly.

Pipe Banging

Another common issue is the pipes banging on your walls. When your house is being built, the plumbing is secured to the studs with fasteners. Depending on how well they were secured and how long ago your house was built, the fasteners often can come loose. When this happens, water running through your pipes will cause them to vibrate against the house. Unless you’re experienced in the area, it’s probably best to leave this problem to a professional to fix.
Copper pipes may cause a similar noise but from a different problem. Copper pipes expand when hot water runs through them, making them hit off your wall studs. This can be fixed with fasteners as well, or insulation to deaden the sound.

Gurgling in the Pipes

If there’s a “gurgling” noise in your plumbing, the most likely cause is some sort of debris clogging part of the pipe. This can either be a difficult or very easy task depending on how deep the debris is within the pipe. If it’s fairly shallow, there are a few easy fixes to get the debris out. If not, you should consider calling a plumber to help you solve the problem.

Other Noises

If there are any other noises within the plumbing that are concerning to you, get in contact with Kight Plumbing. Our experienced plumbing crew will be able to come out and take care of any problem you might have. Knight Plumbing has 24/7 emergency services, so when you need a fix we will be there for you. Give us a call today!

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