Now that winter is in full effect, we’re all taking advantage of any method we possibly can to stay warm. One of the best feelings is waking up early in the morning during the winter and taking a nice hot shower to jolt you awake. But what if you’re hot water isn’t working? Taking a cold or lukewarm shower on a chilly winter morning is miserable. To help you out, we’ve compiled a few reasons why your hot water is not working.

Too Much Use

The most common reason for your hot water to not be working is that it’s all been used up. Your water heater has a tank with a limited supply of hot water at one time. If you have multiple people in your house, it can run out fairly quickly when everyone is showering. Water heaters have a recovery time to heat up new water that is in the tank. There are several different ways to improve recovery time, but one of the most well-working methods is to get a tankless water heater. These heat up water as quickly as you need it and will make sure you always have a warm shower.

Broken Water Heater

Another pretty obvious reason you’re not getting hot water is that your water heater is broken. There are several components to a water heater that can fail. The first and easiest to fix is a tripped limit switch. You can easily reset this by yourself by accessing the electrical panel and resetting it. Another thing that can be broken is one of the heating elements. This makes it so the water is not fully getting hot, or is not getting hot at all. Any problems beyond the tripped limit switch should be addressed by a certified professional, as they are trained to work on water heaters.

Gas Leak/No Gas Supply

One of the reasons you may not be getting hot water is that you have a gas leak. If you go to where your water heater is located and smell rotten egg or sulfur, immediately shut off your gas supply. Opposite of that, if you check your gas supply lever, you may find that it has been off for some time. If this is the case, just go ahead and flip it back on and you should have hot water!

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