Do you suspect sewer leakage or a broken sewer line? The first step is to consult a plumber, but there are other steps you can take in that situation.

How to tell if the line burst?

Sewage Backup

A sewage backup often means that you have a blockage somewhere in your line. If the backup happens throughout the whole house, it is most likely an issue with your main sewer line.


Foul odors are never a good sign. A sewage odor most often means that there is a breakage somewhere in the line, allowing the odor to be released.

Lush Patches of Grass

Sewage acts as a fertilizer for grass, so if you notice a particularly lush patch of grass, it could mean there is a leak below it.

Indentation in Your Lawn

A broken sewer line will consistently saturate the ground, causing the soil to dissipate. Therefore, an indentation could be a clear sign of a leak.

Cracks in Your Foundation

A broken sewer line that is not repaired for an extended period of time can lead to gaps within the yard. These can cause foundation damage which can be identified by cracks.

Septic Waste Pooling in Your Yard

Septic waste within the yard is the clearest sign of a break that you can experience. As soon as you notice it, you should call the plumber.

Insect Infestation

Insects live within your sewer line, and as soon as you experience a break they have the ability to crawl out. It is essential to deal with an infestation as soon as it becomes apparent.

Take Action If You Notice These Things!

There are a bunch of signs that can point you towards a sewer line break. If you have noticed any of these indications or suspect a sewer line leak, it is best to call your local 24/7 emergency plumbing service as soon as possible.

The Right Steps to Take

First and foremost, call the plumber!
Underground sewer lines are hard to confirm without a professional opinion. Although they can be detected with a variety of signs, there’s not much you can do without a plumber. A broken sewer line will most definitely need repair, but may also need further attention. Excavation is another service that can provide you with a solution if the situation becomes extreme.
Identifying the leak or breakage is the most important thing you can do. An early identified leak can be solved with a simple repair. If the leak is not detected early, it is essential to call the plumber immediately. A repair may require excavation if it is a leak deep within the yard. Contact Knight Plumbing, a 24/7 emergency plumbing service, if you suspect a leak and we can help you assess the problem.

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